Your favorite movie flix - In 551 pieces !!

All of your favorite movies in an 18 X 24 puzzle are here waiting for you to piece them together. These are suitable for framing once put together , that's just how good they are ! Your favorite actor or actress in their best role, transformed into a beautiful 551 piece, 18" x 24" die cut puzzle.

Even better, the same image is printed beautifully on the lid of a metal storage tin.

Puzzle is printed on a satin finish poster print and attached to chip board. This is not a heat transfer puzzle like other stores. Get the real thing, no cheap imitations here.

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Holidays, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Graduations, any occasion you can think of is a great occasion to get one of these awesome puzzles to give to someone you care about. Watch the joy on their face when they see their favorite movie poster in puzzle format that they can build and proudly display or unpiece and rebuild time and time again !

Requests / Personal photo's
Not only can you send us an email to request the movie puzzle that your looking for ( which 99.9% of the time we have it , it just hasnt been put on the site yet ) but also . . . .You can use your OWN personal photo as a 551 puzzle gift as well ! Any digital photo you have that is high quality can be turned into a puzzle. Friends, family , loved ones , pets , births, special occasions, holidays , your photos , in 551 pieces ! We realize that not everyone loves movies , which is why we added the ability to have your own photo as a puzzle. Everyone has someone that they love ! And talk about touching someones heart ! Now that will do it !

One Cost with FREE shipping !
One price and unless our manufacturing plant raises the prices on us , we will never raise the price ! All puzzles are $37.50 regardless of the photo or the poster you choose. The reason for the cost being just a tad higher than a conventional puzzle is because (1) They are large puzzles! 18 X 24 is a HUGE puzzle ! (2) These are made on high quality chip board not cheap cardboard like most places create. Then cut by a DieCut Machine into 551 pieces which are inspected to make sure there are no frayed edges that will look unappealing to the eye.(3) We take the time to make sure that your chosen puzzle is going to be perfect , not slanted , not blurry, not diecut improperly , we want only to provide you with that gift for your loved one or to yourself that you can be proud to show off to friends family and loved ones.

Reliability & Trust
When you deal with us you are dealing with a company you can trust. We follow the old school rules of business.We make sure that you get exactly what you pay for and in a timely fashion. Too many businesses these days have forgotten that it is people like yourself that are the reason that companies become successful in the first place, we never forget that ! We are here to insure that your gift will be made with the quality and the care that you deserve !

Genre's & Thanks
Drama, Mysteries, Classics, Crime, you name it, most likely we got it ! We have access to over 250,000 high quality movie poster templates that we use for these puzzles that insure you are going to get the best we can give to you.

We want take this time to personally say thank you for your valued service ! It is because of you we are here and that we work hard. We want to please you because pleasing our customers gives us pride in knowing we were able to put smiles on faces. We hope that you will continue to use our service for all your puzzle needs both for your own personal collection and for the heartfelt gifts that you give from both our Poster and Personal Photo services.

Have a wonderful day !

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